Buying power

There is always strength in unity and numbers. Joining us might just be the only thing your business needs to hit that high-profit level you’ve always targeted. There are numerous things your business can benefit from being a part of YACC. Most of which are derived from the strength in numbers. We have multiple companies that are part of us.

The buying power of an organization solely rests on numbers. The more you are, the more you can order and the better the chance you have for price negotiation.

Benefits of Joining the YACC

We bring together a group of businesses most of which share the same business requirement. Joining us will enable you to get all the best deals the association has to offer. As a chamber, we negotiate for subsidized rates for items that cut across a majority of the business for highly subsidized and discounted prices. Supplies like the office supplies which form part of your recurrent expenditure can be negotiated and highly subsidized only for the members. This goes a long way in saving and maximizing the business profits.

Other items that can be negotiated with a unified front are items like electricity and water. This is one requirement that cuts across every business in the chamber. Together we can approach the service providers and negotiate the price as a block this will not only lower every one of our member’s expenses, it will also improve our profits margins.

This goes a long way in uplifting the small companies and start-up businesses. The small business cannot typically buy in bulk they end up missing out on the economies of scale. The chamber accords you the unique opportunity to enjoy the economies of scale even as you are growing as a business. You will be granted the unique opportunity to obtain supplies at the same prices the big corporations acquire theirs. This will significantly reduce your production cost, allowing you to lower your rates and favorably compete with the big dogs without going bankrupt or running out of business.

For the big companies, bulk buying further enhances your bargaining power and promote your sales since you can opt to supply the members of the chamber.

Promote each other’s business

The chamber contains a lot of companies from different industries. Such an array of businesses provides a fertile hub for business connections and networking. In the spirit of supporting one another, we encourage business dealings with one another. This will promote our cohesion as a group and individual businesses. Supplying goods to fellow members may be at a discounted price, but at least you will be moving numbers, and at the end of the day you may end up making more profit. So it is a win-win situation, and everyone goes home happy.

Lower service fees

With the development of technology, more businesses are going online. This trend has created an increased demand for tech services by businesses. Technological expertise is one of the most expensive services offered. Negotiating for service fees as an individual company usually is hard. This can be easily subverted by the chamber. The service provider will be happy to reduce the prices for a guaranteed increased number of clients

Join us and your purchasing power will thank you for it! YACC has your business in mind.

Join us and enjoy limitless buying power.