Partner with us and be part of the impact that we bring to the Yemeni American Business Community!

YACC is more about action and less talk. Through teamwork, partnerships and meaningful collaboration, we intend to create invincible impact in the following areas:

  1. Advocacy: The Yemeni Business Community will have a strong united voice that constantly creates and facilitates a conducive environment for businesses to prosper. We advocate for solutions that make our community a better place. How? By fighting for:
  • A favorable tax system
  • Improved transport and infrastructure
  • Job creations and development
  • Education development
  • Championing for better public policy and provision of social amenities
  1. Innovation and Technology: We believe that there is no better way to drive innovation and support the growth of businesses that to tap into the power of technology. Therefore, we intend to use our community leadership, the government and business voices to push for a robust technology among the Yemeni Business community. This exposure to resources will quicken the growth of all enterprises and support all levels of the Yemeni society. Economic development and technology go hand in hand and we intend to make it a firm grip!
  2. Education excellence and talent development: YACC being an affiliate of YAC believes that the beauty of the future lies in the value of the youth. YACC is championing for the strategic change in education system to ensure that the Yemeni youth have the relevant skills that are sustainable in this century. We are also pushing for internships and sponsorships of our students to promote access to relevant education.
  3. Leadership: Our main aim is to ensure that we develop community leaders from local leaders and even elevate them further to state leadership. Our leadership training programs, seminars and growth forums and tailored towards ensuring that we develop excellent leaders from the chamber. Great representation and advocacy requires strong leadership
  4. Sufficient Business Growth: YACC invests on small businesses to give them the wings for an international standing. This is done through education, promotion of local materials, and availing relevant resources and support. This chamber of impact is at the heart of YACC and our sponsorship and marketing opportunities are made with that in mind.

YACC is all about promoting economic development and improving the quality of life for the Yemeni Business Community. Our impact encompasses ever corner and street of the community. It spreads positive energy and life that brings about growth and prosperity on all sectors.

Partner with us now and together we can drive towards a prosperous future for the Yemeni Community!