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Lead the Way for Our Children

Our children need us to come together and pave the way for their future. The strongest asset of every community lies in the success of its children and youth. They are the ones who will take the candle light and either keep it burning or get burnt by it.

Somebody once said that a person’s success is measured by the ability of their successor to succeed. At YACC we believe that the most fundamental part that defines our success lies in investing in our children to ensure that their future is bright and full of opportunities.

The Yemeni Americans can’t wait any longer nor stand on the sidelines; the time has come when leaders in the community from business owners, common citizens, to those who are more fortunate to come together and start getting involved in politics, education and business development! It is time for positive change.

How? We have a role to ensure that that their health, welfare, and education are well taken care of. You have the power to do that by ensuring that you let your voice heard through advocacy for better standards for our children. They need to have good access to health facilities, the perfect environment to grow and thrive and access to a good education that will set them up on a global competitive standing.

YACC is not blind to the many ills going on in the society today. These issues have a way of going into our children’s minds and robbing their hope and light. When they see wars, they see a world that they fear to live in. They feel threatened, and their dreams burn out right in front of their eyes. The travel bans, hunger and the problems they see their fellow children in Yemen going through is slowly dimming their hope and zeal for life.

What do we do? The change you want and the dreams you have for the Yemeni Business Community are only made complete when you factor in children. Our children need beacons of hope that they can look up to so that they can believe in the beauty of their dreams again. You are the best role model for the children in Yemen and America.

When you partner with YACC, you power up these cause on a global front, and when you go back home, you get the chance to teach every child you meet that they are the future; the solutions to all they see around them. Teach them that they can be great leaders who will turn things around and let them see that nothing can stop them. Let them see the hope through your eyes and see it in action through your success in business and leadership.

Let us come together and change the mindset of our children. Together we can eliminate the anxiety. Together we can train and raise the best entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Together we can motivate and build the best character that is sustainable out of them. Together we can come up with, and execute programs that invest in their mental paradigm shift, their education, their access to health facilities, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and build their success stories.

Do you love the children? Let YACC be the platform that launches you forward to that purpose. Children are the future, and we need you to help us show them the right path as business leaders and one community.

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