Why Become a Member/Sponsor?

Are you looking for a chance to impact the society while getting the most value out of your time and commitment?

YACC membership will be your last stop. Some of the membership benefits include

  • Business growth: You will get a free web link with YACC which will increase your visibility in Yemen community. This means that your marketing strategies will be enhanced and boosted and you will also get sponsorship opportunities that will transform your business.
  • Access to useful information: Through YACC newsletters, business resources, newsletters and chamber reports, you will always be informed on the latest market trends and information that is necessary to boost your business.
  • Networking benefits: You will meet and interact with great business leaders in the industry through regular YACC events, get free business referrals, business advocacy and relentless community support that will hold your hand towards economic freedom and the achievement of your business goals. You will also get ribbon cuttings and team support during celebrations and transitions.
  • Leadership opportunity: You will get the chance to learn the best leadership skills through experience, participation and observation. This will in turn set your business apart and you will report high employee retention and attraction. Your decision making skill swill also be boosted and therefore setting your business on a platform of success.
  • Change the world: YACC gives you the chance to be the change you want to see in society. You will get the platform to advocate for better business legislative reforms and policies through constant involvement. This will give you the power to be the change that you want to see.

If you are looking for a place where your input will be appreciated; your needs treated with the highest level of dignity; and, timeless constantly growing value.


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ONE TIME FEE (Yearly) 

ü  Complimentary membership in YACC

ü  Certificate of Recognition.

ü  Complimentary ½ page add in YACC Business Magazine (20K Circulation)

ü  Hyper-link Sponsor’s Website onto YAC’s.

ü  Advertising on Y.A.C.C Events Banner.

ü  Ads on YACC Social Media.

ü  Ads on the YACC newsletter.



ONE TIME FEE (Yearly) 

ü  Vendor display table for self-advertising.

ü  Add your company with the Logo on website.

ü  Complimentary membership in YACC

ü  Premier Seating tickets in the Y.A.C.C events.

ü  Complimentary 1 page add in YACC Business Magazine (20K circulation)

ü  Hyper-link Member Website onto YACC’s.

ü  Advertising on Y.A.C.C Events Banner

ü  Certificate of Recognition.

ü  Ads in the YACC the newsletter. 


ONE TIME FEE (Yearly) 

ü  Time allotted for self-promotion as part of the Program in all YACC Events.

ü  Opportunity to be nominated for YACC Chamber Award programs.

ü  Premium Front WebPage Advertisement.

ü  Vendor display table for self-advertising in all YACC Events.

ü  Premier seating tickets in all YACC Events.

ü  Complimentary 1 page add in YACC Business Magazine (20K circulation)

ü  Complimentary membership in YACC

ü  Hyper-link Member Website onto YACC’s

ü  Advertising on Y.A.C.C Banner.

ü  Certificate of Recognition.

ü  Ads on YACC Social Media.

ü  Ads in the YACC newsletter. 




ONE TIME FEE (Yearly) 

ü  Hyper-link Sponsor’s

Website onto YAC’s.

ü  Advertising on Y.A.C.C Events Banner.

ü  Ads on YACC Social Media.

ü  Mention on the YACC newsletter.

ü  Complimentary membership in YACC

YACC Member Benefits

Basic Level



ü  Networking Opportunities

ü  Free Business Referrals

ü  Free Membership Directory

ü  Increase member visibility and sales

ü  Money-saving opportunities

ü  Member to Members Discount advertising and savings

ü  Job Creation / Increase job opportunities

ü  Business/Government Liaison 

ü  Free Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening 

ü  Free Business Educational seminars and Webinar 

ü  Notary on site- Free to Members

ü  A Voice for the Business Community

ü  Business Community support

ü  Post office mailing Discount for Chamber members only